Friday, February 08, 2008

Unrequited, I mean, unrequested art*

Okay, more catching up. Here's my warm, cuddly Christmas greeting to the netizens of the Alexander the Great forum Pothos, a slightly-altered photo from the Oliver Stone movie Alexander, with Colin Farrell in the title role:


If that didn't warm the cockles of your heart, how about losing weight the quick way? Texas Republican congressional candidate Dean Hrbacek did back in January, by having his head shopped onto the body of a more shapely fellow on his campaign literature. Hey, I know how that works.


(Yes, it looks cheesy. It's supposed to look cheesy.)

And finally, DarkSyde on an open science thread referred to this image ("that is one big-ass rat.") By an involuntary reflex, I cannot help but look at such a creature without envisioning the head of a politician on him. (I think it's genetic.) The obvious victim here was the most plasticly photogenic, in a used-car-salesman sort of way, of the presidential candidates: Mitt Romney.


Now, I'm not trying to claim that this image alone caused Romney to abandon his presidential ambitions. Just that it was a factor.

*Have you ever heard anyone say, "I thought it was unrequited love, but then (s)he turned around and requited it after all" ?