Saturday, August 25, 2007

What if emergency rescue was set up the same as health care?

I'm a bit late with this one, as it was posted on Daily Kos in DarkSyde's story "That Ole Free Market Magic" on July 13. It was pointing up the absurdity of one life-saving service (emergency rescue) being provided by the state, when another no less life-saving service (health care) is not. (Michael Moore has made this comparison also.) Dick Cheney seemed the most suitable ambassador for this message:

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Then down in the comments, DarkSyde posted the other image I created for this story. Since George is always bull-horning (or doing something that starts with bull, anyway) about 9/11, I have him delivering a similar message as it's happening.

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Read the whole thing, and the 129 comments. I am Canadian, incidentally, so the American health care fiasco doesn't touch me directly... I view it with horror, shock and revulsion from afar, and feel for my many American friends. Go out and see SiCKO too, and get involved with the movement. The entire rest of the civilized world is wondering what in heck is keeping you.