Friday, April 13, 2007

Save the Blastocyst-Americans!

Well, it's been a while... on hiatus for more than one reason, but now I'm back adorning the front page of DailyKos again. This piece was done on DarkSyde's request as usual and published with his story Neoconning, April 13.

Point being that blastocysts left over from the in-vitro fertilization process won't have their little lives saved by a ban on stem-cell research. They just get tossed in the medical incinerator anyway. So where's the logic?

Then someone in the comments suggested there should be an elephant in the fire and a donkey in the Petri dish, to represent the ultimate fates of Republicans and Democrats in relation to this sort of question. Of course I obliged.

You know... you've got to hold their feet to the fire on this issue... (rim shot).
Nothing terribly earth-shattering about these little illos, they didn't take long. The one new thing is that the sign on the clinic door was my first foray into mouse lettering, and the arrows and door were done freehand, or should I say freemouse, also, rather than using the straight line function. I wanted to make the whole thing look a little more hand-done, a little less stiff, thus a little more cartoony.